Our design philosophy is such that we approach a project without a preconceived idea of what the solution will be. The client, the brief, the site characteristics and history generate the response and the richer the dialogue the better the end product.

The act of building is a collaborative process that requires a wide variety of differing skills. Over the years we have collaborated with clients and users in addition to other design professionals and we have always found it to be an enriching process. As a design team we are there to provide the best possible end product – the building or buildings and the spaces around them – for the client and public to use and appreciate.

It is important for us all to treat the issues of Climate Change with the seriousness that it deserves. We believe that it is incumbent on us all to try and create buildings with low or zero energy and low carbon emissions. There is no one solution to solving the environmental and sustainability issues and the nature of our climate means that we need to employ a range of measures to harness the natural resources across the seasons.

The other point that we would highlight is the use of quality materials and the belief that the way a building is put together is reflected not only in the appearance but also the quality of the finished building. Quality materials on their own are not sufficient, they need to be used and detailed in a manner that is appropriate / sympathetic to their inherent characteristics. This references back to our mission statement about having clarity and a coherent construction logic from the outset of design development.

Our Approach